Art Center Ahjo, Kytö/Liekki space: Alexander Keyriläinen & Miska Mio

Looking (or viewing something) is a factor that fundamentally defines the nature of fine art. The starting point of the Tarkata exhibition has been to examine different roles related to viewing, for example the role of the artist as a viewer and the role of the model as the object of the gaze.

A kind of a power structure can be seen in the roles of the viewer and the watched. The depicted person is subjected to the artist's gaze, i.e., the person being looked at is presented to be looked at in a frame of reference created by someone else. The exhibition visitor looks at the object partly through the eyes of the artist and on the other hand participates in the process as a new viewer.

Alex Keyriläinen works mainly using oil paints. In addition, he also uses watercolors, acrylics and tempera in his paintings, as well as spray paint as the most recently found new material. Miska Mio makes primarily self-portraits using different drawing methods.

The artists' different ways of doing things adapt to the changing roles of the viewer and the watched, forming a dialogue-like whole. / @artkeyrilainen / @miskamio