Art Lending Service

Lending conditions

The lending period

You can borrow any piece of art for any length of time you want, at a non-interest rate monthly fee. The work can be redeemed at any time or returned to the art lending service, leaving the artist with the monthly payments already made.

The borrower will arrange the proper transportation of the artwork and will be liable for any potential damage to the work during the rental period. More about the lending agreement here.

Rental fee

The borrower pays a monthly rental fee for the art work, which depends on the selling price of the said work. The sum of the monthly installments are determined as follows:

Selling price € Rental fee €/mth
50 - 500 20,00
501- 1000 40,00
1001 - 1500 60,00
1500 - 2000 80,00
over 2000 set by contract

Purchasing an artwork

If a borrower wants to purchase an artwork, the rental fees already made will be subtracted from the original selling price of the artwork. You can redeem your artwork at any time.

You can also make larger payments for the rental installments. The payment amount in the contract is the minimum sum.

Rental fee payments will be made to Joensuun Taiteilijaseura ry's bank account FI61 4108 0010 3831 34.

The lending contract can be found here.

Contact information

Art center Ahjo & Joensuu Art Lending Service
Kirkkokatu 23, 80100 Joensuu
(large yellow building next to Art Museum Onni)
Tel. 050 543 3524
[email protected]