Joensuu Printmaking Workshop

Joensuu printmaking workshop

Joensuu Printmaking Workshop

The City of Joensuu Cultural Services' Joensuu printmaking workshop has facilities and the equipment for gravure printing, letterpress printing, litographic printing and silk screen printing, and a darkroom.

Prerequisites for working in the workshop are good knowledge of the technology used and the ability to work independently and in such manner that takes into account other users.

The workshop can be rented by professional graphic artists or printmakers, aficionados capable of independent work and art students studying for their final year.

The workshop also organizes guided courses of different skill levels.

The materials used in the Joensuu printmaking workshop should be non-toxic, if possible.

Contact information:

Jokikatu 8, 4th floor.

80220 Joensuu

Telephone number +358 50 460 2001 – On-call time on Mondays 14-16
Other times contact Joensuu Art Lending Service: 050 5433 524

Email: [email protected]

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