Joensuu Artist Association

Kirkkokatu 23, 80100 Joensuu

Joensuu Artist Association

Joensuu Artist Association (business id: 0207492-7) is an artist association that includes 210 members (2019).

The membership reaches all of the North-Karelian region. The purpose of the association is to further basic requirements and conditions of an artists' work and professional status and to support art as a free time activity.

The association organizes art exhibitions, workshops and various courses and is active in developing and maintaining the cultural life of North-Karelia.

The artist's association, for example, co-operates with local politicians and cultural organizations in matters that require expert consulting.

Art Gallery Kohina operates in a brick house on the Artisan's Quarter, shared with Finland's oldest Art Lending Service Joensuun Taidelainaamo, founded in 1971.

The Artist's Association's office is located in Taidekeskus Ahjo.