Art Lending Service

Finland's first art lending service

Get your prestigious art from the Art Lending Service, where you can lend art, buy in installments or simply via one time payment.

Founded in 1971, the oldest Art Lending Service in Finland (Joensuun Taidelainaamo) is located in Art Center Ahjo.

The Art Lending Service displays the art works from the members of the Joensuu Artist Association. The works of art can be lent or bought via one-time payment or an installment plan. We accept most credit and debit cards.

Some of the works held in the Art Lending Service can be viewed in the online gallery.
The works displayed in the web gallery can be found either at the Art Lending Service (note: "Taidelainaamossa") or at the artist's studio (note: "Taiteilijan ateljeessa"). The works in Artist's Studio can be arranged for a viewing at the Art Lending Service by request.

Note! All available art works are not listed in the web gallery, so paying a visit to the Art Lending Service is worth a visit!

All works are purchased and lent and the related agreements are made on the spot at Joensuu Art Lending Service. The lender shall arrange the proper transportation of the artwork and shall be liable for any potential damage to the work during the lending period. The lender shall pay a monthy loaning fee, the amount of which depends on the original selling price of the work. The lent work can be returned to the Art Lending Service at any time.

The work can be bought with cash or in installments without lending.

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Joensuun Taiteilijaseura Ry's Art Lending Service
Koskikatu 23, 80200 Joensuu

Open: Tue, Thu-Sun 10-16 Wed 10-19, closed on Monday