Sysi hall is the heart of Ahjo and also the largest exhibition space in the building.

This spacious and light-filled space offers a great premise for exhibitions and other events.

The space is 163 square meters. Height is about six meters and the track lighting is at 4,5 meters.

There are three movable L-shaped screens on wheels with same surface material as the walls of the hall. The angle is in same direction in all of them. The screens are part of the hall, in other words they are located in the hall wheater you use them or not.

Height of a screen is 210 cm (from the floor 223 cm). External measurements: Longer side 201 cm, shorter side 106,5 cm. Internal corner: longer side 185 cm, shorter side 90,5 cm.

Sysi hall can be rented outside the opening hours for private, community, and/or business use.

Ahjo's exhibition application for 2024 has started. Info about exhibition application 2024 is on this site.

(Header picture from the Reetta Gröhn Soininen, Veikko Björk & Pauliina Turakka Purhonen "Käsin nähty" exhibition 30.10.-20.11.2021)