Art Center Ahjo, Hiili space: Reeta Suvanto

Reeta Suvanto: Kemp on šen tovev valehteli?
Art Center Ahjo, Hiili space
Kirkkokatu 23, 80100 Joensuu

Reeta Suvanto - Kemp on šen tovev valehteli?

”Hospoti pominoi, pokoin’iekkoi.”

Culture binds to language, language binds to culture. What happens when culture, language and home have to be hidden, stripped and left? In her works, Suvanto deals with the effects of being a refugee on later generations, as well as the history and status of Karelianism in Finland. Dressing up and clothes build identity, they strengthen connections and outwardly show belonging. In Karelian handicrafts, räččinä shirt cuffs, collars and wool socks, symbols are used to express, protect and strengthen the wearer. Symbols are whispers and prayers, spells. The jewelry pieces borrow their symbolism from these and raise questions about hiding and covering up, but also about the desire to be seen. The name of the exhibition refers to the history of Karelianism and its hidden truth.

The works are named in the Karelian language, in the Viena Karelian dialect.

”Luajin moan. Luajin in’ehmisen. Luajin koin.

Mintäh mie luajin mit luajin? Luajin ičellä, luajin perehellä, luajin jo tuonilmaših männeillä. Luajin yhtevykšellä. Luajin šuojaksi.

Luajin mit luajin šentäh jotta jokahini inihmini tulou tietyä mit on hištouriassa tapahtun ta tapahtuu nyt.”

Reeta Suvanto (b. 1993) is a Finnish-Karelian jewelry artist whose works deal with Karelian identity and culture, transgenerational events and the history of her own family. She graduated as a visual artist from Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in 2018.