Art Center Ahjo, Hiili space: Petri Halttunen

Petri Halttunen - I AM INVISIBLE AM I?
Art Center Ahjo, Hiili space
1.6. – 19.6.2022

Petri Halttunen was born in Kristiinankaupunki but is currently a visual artist from Savitaipale. Graduated as Master of Arts from the Faculty of Arts in the University of Lapland in 1997. He has worked mainly as a visual arts teacher in Savitaipale at the Europaeus School, Savitaipale High School and Savitaipale Civic College, but has now become a visual artist.

Halttunen's works are acrylic paintings on canvas. The technique used is pouringmedium technique, acrylic pens, plotters and brush technique. For some of his works Halttunen has also made musical pieces which are related to the content of the painting and their world of thought. For such a work the exhibition has a QR code through which you can listen to the music and lyrics associated with it.

For all works, the “Invisible” theme is united by the fusion of the background and the subject so that they are presented as equally important factors. The works tell about the fusion with nature, background and environment. For animals, invisibility is usually a means of protection and often a condition for their survival. From a human point of view the idea of ​​how some of us want to remain quite invisible while others strive to be noticed everywhere. Also so that our real character is invisible to others, either of our own volition or involuntarily. “Invisibility” can be experienced as a wonderful trait and skill, or on the other hand as a distressing loneliness or a strange non-community. Sometimes, even for a person mental invisibility or visibility can be a condition for survival, depending whether one wants to see the backgrounds as life or one’s life as a background.