Saario, a place-bound sound piece by Tuomas Ollikainen.

Artcenter Ahjo, Kytö/Liekki-Space: Tuomas Ollikainen

Tuomas Ollikainen


Saario, a place-bound sound piece by Tuomas Ollikainen, who lives and works in Joensuu, can be heard in the Kytö/Liekki-space of Taidekeskus Ahjo between April and May. Built in 1908 in Jänisjoki, Saario's old hydropower plant is located in Tohmajärvi municipality, and it is one of the oldest hydropower plants in Finland, where the original machinery and equipment have been preserved. The museumized power plant is maintained by Tohmajärvi-Seura ry. The new remote-controlled power plant, built in 1984, is located next to the old power plant. Access to the power plant area is free.