Meri Hietala ja Tuulia Kasonen käsittelevät maailmaa ja sen tapahtumia taiteen kautta.

Artcenter Ahjo, Kytö/Liekki-space: Meri Hietala & Tuulia Kasonen

Meri Hietala & Tuulia Kasonen: MeTässä 2020:0057


Meri Hietala and Tuulia Kasonen deal with the world and its events through art. The reserve area threat to what feels important; nature, aesthetic values, invisible spiritual/inheritance of spirits, continuity or avoidance of as yet unforeseeable consequences are connected to previous work as a work group at the edge of humanity. Hietajärvi the reservation area becomes a research object, which is discussed in the mycelial world from view.

Meri Hietala

Tuulia Kasonen