10.-28.7.2024, HEHKU -SPACE

The world we experience is in a constant state of change, the latest major upheaval can be considered digitalization, which has already changed the structures of our society in a very significant way. Digital technology is involved in every aspect of our lives. A large part of the following work, services used and also social processes take place digitally - on an electronic platform. At the same time, with the western lifestyle that has made a digital turn, we are increasingly disconnected from the land. Farther and more estranged from the biosphere spreading around us, the circle of life on whose existence our own lives depend.

Downloading means returning to the earth for me. It's my time to rain down from the cloud back to the soil. To look around me and see what and who is moving in my own living world, and what kind of forces affect it. It's time to sense the environment through the body, to feel, try, smell and taste. To see something that I can interact with in this moment. Maybe give my brain a break from being creative. Take my eyes off the screens and touch and be touched. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

On display is the central idea of ​​the works in their processuality. Completing the physical work has taken time and gone through various work phases. The work has also been very physical and focused on the senses of the body. The end result of primitive ceramics is basically always a surprise. Something that is not predictable or going according to plan. As life often is.

Sanni-Maaria Puustinen graduated as a visual artist from Pohjois Karelia University of Applied Sciences in 2002, and as a Master of Philosophy majoring in traditional studies from the University of Eastern Finland in 2024. The work focuses on multidisciplinary relationships and their examination from the perspective of different eras.