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Art Center Ahjo, Hehku-space: Art Association Harha

Art Association Harha’s exhibition "The cabinet of the mind" 16.2. – 6.3. 2022

The Cabinet of the Mind is the first joint exhibition of the Art Association Harha in 2022. In Ahjo Art Center’s Hehku-space the visitor can take a peek into The cabinet of the mind, an imaginary living room where portraits, furniture, still lifes and curiosities form a unified weave. The exhibition explores the diversity of the human mind in different life situations, joys and sorrows.

In the exhibition there are both joint and independent works by the artists, e.g. paintings and drawings, ceramics, textile art and animation. A lot of recycled materials have been utilized in the exhibition.

The exhibition features nine artists of the Art Association Harha: Miia Jääskeläinen, Ida Käkelä, Olesya Nedostoynaya, Elina Patel, Lili Peltola, Sari Pitko, Salla Soininen, Joni Tanskanen and Ellis Turunen.