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Art Center Ahjo, Anneli Kokko

Anneli Kokko's exhibition POIMINNAT - PICKINGS is a compilation of her artistic production since the 80s. There are also works from the current year.

The exhibition creates an overview of the artist's most important visual artistic work. The earliest works are placed side by side with the newer ones. Together, they outline the change and continuity of ways of expression in different eras. On display are works made using both fine art and textile art.

Characteristic of Anneli Kokko's artistic expression is the combining of different material-based and visual art blanks. A certain type of implementation is selected for the visual expression according to the theme that touched the mind.

Together the textile paintings, textile compositions, face and clothing-themed paintings and drawings perhaps form a story or stories in which the works seek resonance and mirror each other. In the hanging of the works, the coexistence has been implemented by themes per room. The material-based works will be seen together with drawings and acrylic paintings. The earliest works and works realized with different techniques meet each other and enter into an even surprising dialogue.

The exhibition POIMINNAT - PICKINGS opens a window into the characteristic features and deepest undercurrents of Anneli Kokko's work.

The exhibition has been supported by the city of Joensuu.

Anneli Kokko, textile and visual artist
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