Art Center Ahjo, Hehku space: Onni Takkinen

Onni Takkinen's exhibition Paha/ Evil is influenced by the depiction of evil and the devil in old religious paintings.

The exhibition consists of oil paintings depicting old western religious views of the devil (like the black goat) that have decayed away from the secularized western culture. The works explore how evil has sometimes been interpreted visually.

The appearance of Takkinen's paintings varies between abstract and expressive, they have different landscapes and creatures that are normally invisible to us, different elements create dreamlike situations that leave room for the viewer's interpretation. Takkinen rarely makes sketches for paintings, the works are created mainly by trial and error, after weeks of work.

Onni Takkinen is a visual artist living in Tampere who graduated from Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in 2018. Currently, his artistic work is divided into painting, drawing and performances.

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Center Finland.

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