Art center Ahjo, Hehku -space: Heikki Länkinen

27.3.–14.4.2024, HEHKU SPACE

Welcome to the opening at 18:00!

The name of the exhibition refers to the large amount of water used by Heikki Länkinen from Oulu in water-soluble techniques, as well as to the most free and expressive expression. Creativity is meant to flow as freely as possible in both the ideation and implementation phases. The exhibition consists of mixed media paintings and marker drawings. Many animals, especially pigs, appear in the works of the exhibition.

Animals are often human-like, a kind of alter ego, through which Länkinen mirrors his own experiences and feelings about being human and the environment, including everyday phenomena. However, the events in the paintings are often universal, touching everyone and independent of cultures. Heikki Länkinen is specifically a photographer of different emotional states. He is an expressive painter. Color plays a big role in the paintings in the exhibition. The artist's purpose is to express the prevailing feeling of the moment in colors, shapes and textures on the surface. Länkinen's work is intense, fast-paced and fast. Chance and the subconscious play a big role in the works. Immediacy and authenticity are essential in an artist's work.

Länkinen aims for a strong feeling of light in his works. The imaginary light of the works also creates an atmosphere. The rapidity of painting and the accidental spreading and mixing of water-soluble colors as a result of the abundant use of water are aids in Länkinen's painting process. Thus, in his works, the subconscious plays a big role when the unexpected happens, and choices lead in surprising directions. Reading the work while the work progresses and spontaneity are at the center of Heikki Länkinen's work.

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