Sokos Joensuu Window Gallery - Artist of the Month in November: Anita Kiiski

Anita Kiiski's art exhibition

Angel Choir

Joensuu Sokos Window Gallery
Siltakatu 6, 80100 Joensuu

Visual artist Anita Kiiski's delicate and dreamlike works have been realized using the methods of textile art. The works often depict small details of nature, buds and flowers. The artist's subjects are also angels. Anita Kiiski often assembles her textile works from small pieces that are joined together by sewing.

The Angel Choir work has its origins in its base material, gauze. The artist thought about which subject would suit the delicate and light as breath material and ended up with angels. The angels are sewn onto gesso hardened gauze with a very thin thread of embroidery thread. All the angels are different and they are sewn on small pieces that are then joined together to form a whole choir. The entire Angel Choir work is sewn by hand, no sewing machine was used. It took approximately half the year 2021 to make the whole work. The size of the work is 80x160cm.

Anita Kiiski