Joensuu main library Gallery SEINÄ: September artist Jaakko Jänis

3.-30.9.2022 Joensuu Artists' Association Gallery SEINÄ
Joensuu main library reading room
Koskikatu 25, 80100 Joensuu

Visiting hours:
Mon - Fri 10-19
Sat 10-16
Closed on Sundays

The work of artist Jaakko Jänis is a two-part, participatory oil painting on canvas. The paintings inspired by role-playing games are an invitation to the viewer to participate in the game. Examining the map-like space through symbols and numbers requires the viewer to imagine and to empathize. Through rolling the dice, you can reach the end of the adventure formed by the work, or die tragically trying. Thinking about abstract and imagined spaces is fun for Jänis, although transferring these spaces to paintings has been a leap into the unknown for the artist.

Instagram - @jaakkojanis