Janne Erkkilän Luonnos -sarjan teokset ovat kokeilevia tulkintoja luonnosta, jotka kutsuvat tarkastelemaan niitä, kuten luontoakin, lähempää.

Artcenter Ahjo, Hehku-space: Janne Erkkilä

Janne Erkkilä: Draft 6


Janne Erkkilä's Draft series works are experimental interpretations of nature that invite to take a closer look at them, just like nature. Small details from a distance merge together into a toned mass, but a closer look reveals individual ones its features and tone. The works describe the momentary microscapes of living nature and organisms tendencies towards growth, renewal, diffusion, competition, communication and networking. In addition to the experimental and learning working process, the name of the exhibition refers to nature to being and to the continuous change process of nature observed there, where organisms adapt to circumstances through trial and error. The work series has gone by several names of the same name with varying compositions in the exhibition, adapting to the galleries and replacing new works old ones, just as in nature the new replaces the old and life adapts to the ecologies available to the compartments.

Instagram: @janneerkkila