ART CENTER AHJO, Kytö/Liekki -space: Petri Halttunen

10.7. - 28.7.2024, Kytö/Liekki -space

Petri Halttunen was born in Kristiinakaupunki, but is currently a visual artist, visual arts teacher, music composer and housewriter in Savitaipale. Graduated with a Master of Arts from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lapland in 1997. He has mainly worked as a visual arts teacher in Savitaipale Europaeus school, Savitaipale high school and Savitaipale civic center, but has now moved more into a visual artist/musician. Halttunen's exhibition works are acrylic paintings on canvas. The technique used is pouring medium technique, acrylic pencils, markers and brush technique. There is also one spatial artwork. All the works in the exhibition are also connected to music in some way. The My stage exhibition also has three media artworks that can be seen, heard and experienced in the Kytö & Liekki space.

Through pictures, music and texts, the My stage theme deals with different thoughts, experiences and life situations that each of us goes through at some point in our lives. Country/city, quiet/noise, introvert/extrovert, relationships and generally choices that everyone experiences at some point. My stage is a kind of "stage of life". It is a fusion of paintings, music and texts into one entity.