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MU&MA A SCREENDANCE INSTALLATION “I see the horizon; the horizon sees me”
LINDON SHMIZU, 06.03 -24.03.2024

MU&MA concept comes from two different Japanese kanjis(ideograms). MU-無 meaning emptiness, beyond the negative sense of this word, In Japan MU is related to a space where anything can be created, a perception that guides the creation; MA-間 means vain, a space, a gap in between. It is an interface between two or more recognizable elements that sparks to possibilities of seeing and experiencing life. MU&MA is a commitment and an open condition to listen to oneself, another and the environment as base principle where we can begin and where we can always come back.

MU&MA screendance installation invites you on a multisensory journey that blurs the boundaries between oneself and the environment, highlighting the interconnectedness of self and the horizon. I see the mountain; the mountain sees me. Nature as something that is not apartheid from us, but something where we belong and where we are from. Here each dancer becomes the experience, a testament to the resilience, adaptability found in the face of adversity.

Ephemerous, Impermanent, migratory, transitory, fleeting, is there anything that last? Somewhere between dream and reality, it intent to capture an elusive aspect of the human condition and its precariousness, but also grounded in nature. This symbolic association is the starting point to reveal what lies on the brink of imagination and reality. it is a daydream exploration of the human capacity to find meaning and connection in even the most solitary of moments.


In Japan a legend tells that if you look at a mirror at 4:44 AM it opens a portal to another dimension. The death of Giselle brought her spirit to another same world that is here and now. The number 4 that can mean death in Japanese is the starting point of Gisele as Wili form. During 4 minutes and 44 seconds the Wili, the spirit of bright forest, dance the eco of the soul, moving the gap between the negative and positive reality. 4:44 won the International Screendance Festival Freiburg - Jury price, New Cameras Award and was officially selected be the X Encuentro Para Cinéfagos, Thessaloniki Cinedance International and the Nanometri Festival.

Video Documentation

Director: Lindon Shimizu
Editor: Lindon Shimizu
Dancer: Anonyymius

인연 - Bond -
endless spread
between the wind and the wind I wait
between space and space, I meet you
countless winds pierce me
the unforgettable memories that remain in the spot that was stabbed and passed
memories that I don't remember
the memories of being a fossil come back to me.
fossilised memories
stone, toe, windmill, smell, sky, sword, cheese, tea, armpit, curtain, sunshine, candle, eyeball,
sounds, shoulders, airplanes, spaceships, sea urchins, watches, perfumes, poster, seeds, messages,
tongue, stone, toe, armpit, pupil, shoulder, tongue
between the wind and the wind I wait for me

Video Documentation

Director: Lindon Shimizu
Editor: Lindon Shimizu
Ambient sound: Lindon Shimizu
Dancer and choreography: Yun Jung Lee
Writing: Yunjung Lee
Voice: Yunjung Lee
Sound Artist: Kio Griffith

Groundless Ground

These are the days, when we gather between our skins, beyond borders. We play, we sing, we fail, we fall into abysses of laughter, we eat a giant ice-cream together. We care for crossings. We create a rare totem of roots, stumps and carnivalesque reminiscences gathered amongst cultures unbound. Dancing a dance unfound, of particulars bumping into particles of synchronised rhythms. As migratorybodies, this is a day of groundless ground and timeless time.

Video Documentation

Director: Lindon Shimizu (BR, JP)
Editor: Lindon Shimizu
Dancers: Dasha Lavrennikov (RU/US), Manon Siv Duquesnay (DK/F), Ágnes Grélinger (HU), Pierre Enaux (FR), Oriane Paras (FR)

BIO (Summary)

Lindon Shimizu, a brazilian-japanese born in Porto Alegre, Brazil and raised in Japan. He moved to Joensuu/ Finland in 2015 and for the past nine years he has worked as a dance artist in dance, theatre, and video field and as dance and somatic teacher. He has worked crossing borders as a maker and collaborating between Brazil, Japan, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Estonia, and Iceland.

Currently he is planning, researching his new group dance piece "GRASP", producing a national tour with three dance pieces "BIRONGITAI", "Hatch'' and "While we are still__''. He is producing a screendance installation with his three video dances "4:44", "인연Bond-" and "Groundless Ground".

His work in the videodance field is known by “4:44” (2018), “인연 – Bond” – (2019) and “Groundless Ground”. 4:44 won the International Screendance Festival Freiburg - Jury prize, New Cameras Award and was officially selected by the X Encuentro Para Cinéfagos, Thessaloniki Cinedance International and the Nanometri Festival. 인연 - Bond – (2019) was officially selected by the Filmfest by Rogue Dancer.

He is interested in the dialogue of an ethical-aesthetical-political-body as a strategy of being and creating, playing between liquids and membrane, contents, and container, creating in between. He is interested in what he refers to as a “migratorybody”, a perspective of creating from the place of an immigrant artist.