Art Center Ahjo, Sysi -space: Helena Hartman

3.1.-21.1.2024 - SYSI - SPACE

Time cannot be seen, but still its traces are visible around us and in us, in nature, in the body and in the soul. Time is a scientific and mathematical concept, but also an existential question. Does time have a beginning and an end? Is it flowing around us or are we in it? In much of what we see and experience, time is cyclical and returns again and again, it brings comfort and hope. At the same time, time can feel like a continuous flow: from the past, through the present, to the future.

Time is cyclical
Time is cyclical, like in nature, where everything has its time and repetitive rhythm. Some of the paintings are organic and I have started from nature and plants, in them I have studied the passage of time and noticed similarities with our own lives.

The flow of time
On the other hand, I see that the course of life resembles the constant change of the surface of water: reflections, vibrations and movement on the surface of the water, constantly in motion, constantly changing. I try to capture every moment, the patterns and the rhythm, but every time I think I'm getting the dancing motion of the waves and the flashes of light in the reflections in the painting, everything is completely new. The water surface never stops, never repeats the same rhythm or nuances of color. So I paint the flow of time, not a frozen moment, but follow the play of the waves and the dance of the reflection without stopping. This feels just like life, you never know what the next moment will look like, nothing is predictable, anything can happen.

Helena was born in Sweden, but lived in Finland for a large part of her life. She has completed a professional degree as an artist at Free art school and graduated with a master's degree from the University of Applied Arts. He belongs to the Swedish KRO (konstnärernas riksorganisation) and thus also to the IAA. Helena is also active in organizations, she is on the board of both the Helsinki Artists' Association and the Finnish Nordic Artists' Association. She paints in her studio in Helsinki and has held both private, joint and group exhibitions and has done many art projects with children and young people.

Art and math
During the last two years, Hartman has been working on concepts, number sequences, rhythms and algorithms common to art and mathematics. In this exhibition, she explores the concept of time. Last year, she completed a minor in Maths and art at Aalto University and also studied mathematics at Åbo Akademi.