Art Center Ahjo, Kytö- and Liekki -space: Sanna Sarva

14.02.-03.03.2024, KYTÖ- AND LIEKKI -SPACE

In her exhibition, Sanna Sarva presents the moving image works Uida, ui, uinut (Swim, swam, swum) and Talveentuminen (Wintering); photographs Läsnä/poissa (Present/absent) and kohta (point) as well as a sewing Ultra.

The works of the moving image and the sewing are united by a ritualistic repetition: daily swimming in the winter Baltic Sea and small diagonal stitches repeated 50,000 times on the canvas, which form an image of Antarctica. In addition to visuals, the viewer is also offered an auditory experience: the sounds of waves, breathing, swimming and the beach create a multi-rhythmic soundscape in the space.

Arranged in two spaces, the works together form an everyday poem full of patient repetition, long and short distances. Ultra can also be understood as a conceptual gesture, an attempt to make a figure out of something by hand.