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Art Center Ahjo, Sysi Hall: Johanna Pöykkö

Johanna Pöykkö - KÄTKETTY (HIDDEN)
Art Center Ahjo, Sysi Hall
1.6. - 19.6.2022

On mind the childhood games in linen houses at the foot of the rotating laundry rack. True and false captured in the mind from the past. What I see now is filtered through everything I have experienced.

I pursue and work with my art on the idea of ​​protection, the need for shelter, territory and boundaries. At the same time I study being a human in relation to another person. Still my works appear as light memories of spatial experiences and at the same time create a new spatial memory for the experiencer. The form of the works originates in childhood moments of folding the laundry, the laundry drying on a string, the huts made of sheets. The slashed sheet cloth symbolizes adult awareness in relation to childhood memories. Adult awareness and responsibility are deposited on top of innocent memories. At the same time, boundaries are boundaries between people but also boundaries between the conscious and the unconscious, the desired and the unwanted. We cannot block out our awareness of the impact of materials and our behavior on the environment. We cannot rule out the idea of man-made boundaries as barriers to another person. It would be wonderful to be able to just be in cloud castles and to just dream on in a swinging cradle castle like the Aleksis Kivi´s squirrel.

Some of us are hidden from the eyes of others. Dreams and wounds. The need for shelter. The need to hide. Hidden -installation is cloud castles, hidden dreams, hidden protective gear. The passengers may get a peek at them from time to time.

Serigraphy and painting on canvas, coating, slicing 600cm x 500cm x 150cm x 4 pieces, 2022.

Johanna Pöykkö is a visual artist / textile artist TaM born in Rovaniemi in 1977. She lives and works in Maikkula, Oulu, studying the individual as part of a larger whole and the passage of time. In making art linen fabric has for a long time been a constant material and information carrier along with serigraphy as technique. Pöykkö makes textile-based installations and sculptures in which the overlays of colors, lights and shadows create a spatial whole.

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