Jaana Lönnroos – Pimeä puutarha (The Dark Garden)
Art Center Ahjo, Hiili space
24.8. - 11.9.2022
Kirkkokatu 23, 80100 Joensuu

Photography is an essential part of Jaana Lönnroos' work. For her, photography is a kind of sketching, a constant and necessary dialogue with the environment. By photographing, she tries to analyze and arrange various elements into a form where her own thinking becomes visible and the understanding of various phenomena becomes clearer.

The Dark Garden photo series in Art Center Ahjo's Hiili space was created during the summer of 2022. The summer has been a time of great changes for the artist personally, and the dark world situation pulsing in the background has for its part halted the artist to think about the cycle of life and humanity.

Watching the awakening, flowering and withering of your own garden and the surrounding nature has offered peace and comfort, happy thoughts, beauty and light even in the dark moments of summer.