Hannele Heino – Muistipalapeli (The Memory Puzzle) -exhibition
Art Center Ahjo, Hehku space
Kirkkokatu 23, 80100 Joensuu

-Pieces from along the way-

A person structures the memory game of his or her own life with the help of memories related to time and place, as well as different reference points. Some of the memories have sunk into oblivion and there are only fragile images left of them, if any at all. How important are memories and how does forgetting affect one’s self-image?

Heino's works are a mixture of different traditional and newer intaglio drawing, etching, exposure and proofing methods. In the works, the inscription E.V. stands for Edition Variable, which means that each print in the series is slightly different and unique. In one series, the colors vary, the assembly and use of the transfer tiles may be slightly different and differ from each other.

The name of the exhibition "Muistipalapeli" (The Memory Puzzle) refers to both the content and technique used by Heino; to the fragmentation of memory and remembering, one piece from here, another from there. The stories of our lives are made up of many pieces of a puzzle, just like the memories of individual events. Technically, Heino's works consist of imprints of previously made tiles or tile parts and their various new combinations and variations. According to researchers, memory is not a copier but a storyteller. Each print really is a story of its own, and the seriality typical of graphics has changed into different variations just as memory changes its shape with each recollection.

Hannele Heino is a visual artist living and working in Vantaa. She has graduated from The University of Art and Design and, in addition to her own artistic work, also works as an art teacher for children, youth and adults. Heino's own artistic work covers a wide range of different areas of visual arts and she has held many solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions. Heino belongs to the Finnish Painters’ Union.