Art Center Ahjo, Kytö/Liekki mediaspace: Kulttuuriosuuskunta Muusa

Kulttuuriosuuskunta Muusa: Medium - välittäjä
5.10. - 23.10.2022

Art conveys a message. Art makes the invisible visible. Art is a way to care.

In the exhibition Medium - välittäjä, the muses tell their own story about humanity and being, caring and connection. Difference, its acceptance and curiosity towards the multiplicity of life are conveyed to the experiencer of art through a co-created spatial experience.

The spatial installation with its soundscapes created together by the artists is complemented by the artists' paintings and verbal works made in different media. The multidimensional theme reflects the openness of the experience of art and the connection between man and nature as well as the connection between fellow human beings.

Kulttuuriosuuskunta (Cultural cooperative) Muusa is a community operating in the Joensuu area, whose members include culture and art actors from various fields, from visual arts to music and photography to performing arts and various manual skills.

The five Muusa people in the exhibition:

Miia Jääskeläinen, who uses the artist name Miia Unimettä, a mixed worker in the cultural sector and manual skills, makes visual art using many techniques, telling the stories she hears and describing her feelings in her works, combining symbolism, strong colors and nature imagery. Instagram

As an artist, Matias Kangas is primarily a musician. In this exhibition, however, Matias boldly jumps outside his own comfort zone and expresses himself through soundscapes and various texts.

Ida Käkelä is a visual artist and a musician. The works that combine painting and recycled materials often deal with the roles and expectations of humanity and seek inspiration from the colors and silence of nature.

Salla Johanna is an artist who is constantly experimenting with new materials and techniques. A slightly chaotic mind is inspired by anything at any time, but common subjects in art are mushrooms, birds, foxes, plants and squid. You can find Salla on tiktok and instagram: @onnenkeksu

Joni Tanskanen is a visual artist and a creative writer who, with the help of his art, brings out reflections on the boundaries between the existing and the non-existent, the understandable and the hidden. On Instagram as @joni.tanskanen

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