Art Center Ahjo, Hiili space: Kirsi Karppinen & Pauliina Korpi

Kirsi Karppinen & Pauliina Korpi – ÄÄRI-installation

The material used in the work is Karppinen's old painting canvases which have been detached from the wedges and sewn together into a robe-like shape.

The paintings are oil paintings from 2010 to 2012 describing among others politicians, dictators and other social powers, as well as terrorists. The people portrayed in the paintings are mainly from Europe. The installation ponders different forms of the use of power by connecting these portraits with each other.

ÄÄRI is Karppinen and Korpi's first collaborative work.

Kirsi Karppinen (b. 1985, Loimaa) is a visual artist living and working in Lahti. Karppinen's most important technique is oil painting, the subjects of which often deal with people or the animal world. Karppinen is interested in the interface between the visible and the hidden together with the different power structures that prevail between them.

Pauliina Korpi (b. 1981, Leningrad) is by schooling a visual artist and a tailor. She is interested in combining what she has learned in creative and surprising ways. She wants to navigate unfamiliar areas and is inspired by mistakes and incompleteness.

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