Sokos Joensuu Window Gallery: June artist Miia Rosenius

Miia Rosenius - “Echoes from the Beaches”
2.6. – 29.6.2022 Sokos Joensuu Window Gallery
Siltakatu 6, 80100 Joensuu

Miia Rosenius’ exhibition Echoes from the Beaches will be on display in June at the Joensuu Artists' Association’s Sokos Joensuu Window Gallery.

Miia Rosenius is a visual artist and art educator from Kontiolahti. In her art, Rosenius often deals with her own living environment, as well as things and small details that she pays attention to in her daily life. Nature is one of the key topics. Rosenius works with various image making techniques. Three-dimensional expression and spatiality are often present in her works. In addition, graphic art has remained a key form of expression.

The exhibition includes works dealing with nature issues. Rosenius is fascinated by things of multisensory character and in her walks to nature she often gathers interesting natural materials because of their fascinating haptic or visual form. The treasures of nature and the experiences gained from them often serve as sketches or memoirs for the resulting works. The exhibition features ceramics and prints created through the means of art graphics.
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