Sokos Joensuu Window Gallery - Artist of the Month in October: Sanni-Maaria Puustinen

Sanni-Maaria Puustinen's exhibition "Shared spaces"
Joensuu Sokos Window Gallery
1 October - 31 October 2022. Around the clock, 24/7

Joensuu Taiteilijaseura ry’s collaboration exhibition in the Sokos Joensuu Window Gallery in October is Sanni-Maaria Puustinen's exhibition "Shared Spaces".

Puustinen's works are large-scale charcoal drawings in which she reflects on the relationships between humans and animals, and the over time changing interpretations and attitudes towards them. Where lies the border between man and animal? When you look an animal in the eye, who or what is looking back?

Puustinen is guided by the Posthumanist view of porous interfaces where negotiations about the essence of corporeality, cognition or spirit take place, and where the meanings for them are defined.

More about the artist:
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