Art Center Ahjo: Ihva Aula's retrospective Creatures and suns

The entire Art Center Ahjo is filled with Ihva Aula's retrospective Creatures and suns.

"It all started with fairy tales, puppetry and colors."

Ihva Aula brings her retrospective exhibition to the Art Center Ahjo, thus celebrating 40 years as an artisan and artist.

The facilities of Ahjo are filled with the colorful results of that time travel: dolls, printed fabrics, mosaics, mirrors.

The most massive part of the exhibition will be Ihva's patches - perhaps the most familiar to the public - this time in framed serigraphs. Old objects are Ihva’s passion; for years she has been collecting antique or otherwise used frames and tuning them to fit each picture in the exhibition.

The oldest works in the exhibition are hand puppets from 1982 and the latest the mirror frames cast from plaster by Ihva.