Artcenter Ahjo, Sysi-space: Tarja Tella


North latitude, east longitude

8.3. - 26.3.2023

In the exhibition history and drawings. The photos are from 2008-2019.

The drawings have been made, among other things, by hand sewing on Japanese paper between 2006 and 2023, as well as with pastels and pencils and natural dyes (blueberry and dogwood juice and seaweed). In addition, machine sewing in mixed technique work ('Weeping cloth'). The photographs are documentation, statements and content combining, and free expression. The drawings and everyday commentary as well as personal experiences and storytelling are linked together.

In St. Petersburg, Tella worked at Finland-house in Ateljeesäätiö residency in 2014, in Kilpisjärvi Finland Bioart residency in 2018, and in Finnmark, Norway, in Vesisaari guest house in 2019. In the scope of the exhibition, atmosphere has been brought to the fore, the structures, changes, nature and environment of the respective regions. Personally selected places and areas are interesting to Tella because they are not in a border area or are large functional concentrations. Regions and places also have an impressive history.

"Part of the photographic material accumulated over the years and part of the collection of sewing drawings reflect our current time. Something in what was seen and felt was disturbing or special, and that's why it was recorded as an image."