Artcenter Ahjo, Sysi-space: Saara Hyvärinen

Saara Hyvärinen's art exhibition Space debris and other heavenly pieces |Taidekeskus Ahjo | Sysi-space

The exhibition Space Debris and Other Heavenly Objects in the Sysi Hall brings together tea crumbs that have fallen from a tea strainer onto the table, pieces of space debris abandoned in space, and planets moving in their own orbits. Heavenly things merge with earthly things, and the oldest deposits in the solar system, comets consisting of petrified stardust and ice, float alongside the space junk representing a disposable culture.

The exhibition features works that the artist calls paper works or collages due to the way they are made, the technique was born during the last few years of working at the graphics workshop in Joensuu. Hyvärinen has prepared the collage materials by printing color and texture surfaces on Japanese paper using different methods and worked from these by cutting and gluing large-sized, colorful collages. There are three series of collages on display: Heavenly Table I-III, Battle Tables I-III and Observatory I and II.

The artist, who previously focused mainly on moving image works, has combined a new way of working with moving image, the video installation resulting from this experiment is also on display in the Sysi hall.