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Art Center Ahjo, Sysi Hall: Jaana Erkkilä, Ritva Kangas & Riitu Uosukainen

Käsillä nähtyä (Seen by hands) art exhibition.

The artists in the exhibition are linked by making doing with hands a central part of expression; Jaana Erkkilä and Ritva Kangas work on wooden tiles, Riitu Uosukainen on clay. The hands know the grain of wood and the sensitivity of the paper that receives color, and when working with clay, the work is shaped as a collaboration of hand and thought. In the exhibition works the traditions of craftsmanship are combined with observations and interpretations of life and the world.

In the works, nature is a key element both in the experience and in the views that emerge from nature mysticism. The life cycle with its time of year and day speaks of continuity. The relationship between nature and man is both close and wondering; the connection with the living manifests itself not only as human interaction and compassion but also as experiences of loneliness and alienation. Man and nature are one or man appears as an alien species that takes comfort in animal friends or the forest.

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Riitu Uosukainen - [email protected]