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Art Center Ahjo, Hiili space: Sanna Haimila

Sanna Haimila - HEROINE
5. -23.10.2022

"When I started, I wanted to paint bright colors, maybe a bit of everything mixed up. I thought of gardens, cafes, fountains and the Minna Canth Park. Life course and jogging paths. Now when I look at the works I see Jeanne d´Arc and maybe a bit of Berlin in them and I find myself thinking about painting, separateness, myself and the fact that each person is, after all, the master of his own life."

The Heroine is a series of works painted on Plexiglas. Haimila has been fascinated by the transparency of the material and the conception of its protective properties created by the pandemic. The works also reflect the image of the viewer, both concretely and at the level of thought. The viewer creates meaning for the work.

Haimila's way of working is intuitive, she does not sketch. The starting point can be a simple idea of ​​"something furry" or of a certain color. The topics gradually slide into the next one. Heroine is an exhibition about choices and chance, about oneself in relation to others, acceptance.

Sanna Haimila is a painter and draftsman living and working in Tornio.

The exhibition has been supported by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), the Arts Council of Lapland and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.