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Art Center Ahjo, Hiili space: Leena Ehrling

Leena Katriina Ehrling - Transitions art exhibition 16.2. - 6.3.2022

Leena Katriina Ehrling has always drawn and painted. At times, life brought a break from work, but while studying to be a visual artist in adulthood, art became a completely integral part of her life. Ehrling has not consciously chosen painting, but it is the most natural way to structure and perceive the world around her on a non-verbal level.

Ehrling paints mostly in oil paints and her color palette is inherently scarce. The style of the work is simultaneously both harsh and permissive. Transitions from one situation to another. The works of the visual artist, who lives and works in Lappeenranta, often have an uncomfortable, somewhat waiting, strange and enigmatic undertone. The works are often riddles for herself too.