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Art Center Ahjo, Hiili-room: Tytti Putkonen

Tytti Putkonen's Iter itineris exhibition is a body of work created from recycled materials and based on encounters along the way. The works utilizing experimental techniques are based on sketches from years ago.

The encounters have taken place with people or animals both in Asia, southern Europe and on North Karelian gravel roads.

"The works are glimpses of the moments I saw, the expressions drawn on the retinas and sometimes even the smells."

The works are mainly made of recycled materials. Toys, babies snapsuits, rag rugs and above all, plastic flowers are embedded in the work. The materials have been hauled mainly from flea markets or from home and shredded into smaller parts. The shreds have then been used to create hair, clothing and furs.

In the exhibition, you can walk the interactive sculpture “Cocktail”, a loyal friend who will take you on a journey to wherever you have always wanted to go.

Tytti Putkonen (b. 1981) is a visual artist living in the village of Selkie in Kontiolahti.

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