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Art Center Ahjo, Hehku-room: Sirpa Ylhäinen

“The Hall of Both Truths” is Sirpa Ylhäinen's art exhibition in the Art Center Ahjo's Hehku-room. The works in the exhibition are realized as ink paintings / drawings, mixed media and oil paintings.

In this collection of works the artist wants to express in the language of images the inner, core essence of man, which is beyond opinions and beliefs. The exhibition is a place of silence with no boundaries or restrictions. Many people long for experiences of holiness and silence in this accelerating world but cannot find a place for themselves in religious or spiritual groups. Deep humanity is the common ground for all. It is a space that is beyond opinions and beliefs, and the confrontations they contain. The extreme and absolute “choice of side” contains fear and in turn creates anger towards the other side. Tolerance and building bridges between groups of people will pave the way for a possible future.

The imagery in these works comes from the artist’s own dreams and their connections to the pictorial cultures of different myths and religions. In addition, the exhibition uses symmetry as well as altar-like, symmetrical formations assembled from several paintings.